Running for Office: The Maryland Association of Nursing Students 2017-2018 Elections


The Maryland Association of Nursing Students (MANS) is a constituent of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA). MANS is a pre-professional organization for nursing students across the state. The goal of MANS is to promote the development of the skills that students will need as responsible and accountable members of the nursing profession. MANS works to promote and encourage students’ participation in community affairs and activities aimed at improving health care. MANS maintains collaborative relationships with the American Nurses Association (ANA), the National Leagues for Nursing (NLN), the International Council of Nurses (ICN), and other health related organizations in order to influence health care, nursing education and practice through legislative activities.


MANS officers and board members are current nursing student who work together to ensure that MANS functions to meet the needs of its constituents. Officers are elected at the annual convention and serve from June 1st to May 31st of the following year. Candidates for office must be active members of MANS throughout their term of office. Candidates cannot graduate before December of their term in office. Candidates for the office of President must have been a past officer in their local, state or national NSNA chapter. The newly elected board will be responsible for attending monthly meetings to enact a smooth transition from the current board to the “board elect”, but will not have a vote.




The President will:

·      preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Board;

·      be responsible for seeing that lines of direction given by the House of Delegates and the actions of the Board are carried into effect and for reporting to the membership and the Board of Directors on the conduct of the affairs of the association;

·      appoint special committees with the approval of the Executive Board;

·      serve as ex-officio member of all committees, except the elections/nominating committee;

·      represent MANS in the matters relating to the Association and perform all other duties pertaining to the office;

·      be authorized to co-sign checks with the Secretary/Treasurer; and

·      be authorized to sign contracts. These contracts will be kept on file and made available to all members of the MANS state board and constituents.

The Vice President will:

·      assume the duties of the President in the absence, or disability of the President;

·      accede to the office of President in case of vacancy in the office;

·      be responsible for the planning of the annual convention;

·      be responsible for review and recommendations for changes in Bylaws and Policies;

·      be responsible for the legislative Chair, sit as ex-officio member on their committees; and

·      perform all duties assigned by the President.

The Secretary will:

·      prepare the minutes of all business meetings of the Association and the Executive Board meetings;

·      keep a record of attendance of each Board Member. Notify the Board of those individuals who exceed the absentee quota;

·      establish a quorum at all business meetings of the Association; and

·      perform all duties as assigned by the President.

The Treasurer will:

·      act as custodian of organization’s funds and see that an annual fiscal report is prepared;

·      Co-sign checks with the President of monetary disbursement as the Bylaws provide;

·      present a monthly Treasurer’s report at the business meetings;

·      be responsible for having the year end statement reviewed and presented to the Executive Board;

·      chair the scholarship committee; and

·      perform all duties assigned by the President.

The Newsletter Editor will:

·      be responsible for planning and setting the focus of quarterly publications;

·      approve new articles for publication;

·      prepare an editorial for each publication;

·      seek advertisers for each publication;

·      be responsible for the layout and proof reading of the publication;

·      secure a printer with Executive board approval; and

·      mail the quarterly publication to members.

The Membership Director will:

·      chair the Nominations Committee;

·      prepare a convention nominations slate and have all biographical information available to the membership at the annual meeting;

·      be responsible for screening the selection of nominees for office;

·      send biographical information and officer description to all schools;

·      work to fill positions on the Board in the event of resignation;

·      work in conjunction with the Secretary to compile an accurate mailing list of each school;

·      communicate monthly with all Board Members to maintain communication with schools;

·      assist schools, as needed to develop a membership recruitment period;

·      prepare membership incentive programs with the approval of the Executive Board;

·      be responsible for calculation of the number of delegate for each nursing program for the state convention in collaboration with the Executive Board; and

·      contact, in writing, all constituency schools with the number of delegates, as identified by NSNA, that they will be allowed to have as representatives at the National Convention.

The Community Health Director will:

·      organize and monitor state-wide health projects as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board;

·      distribute Community Health projects information to all schools;

·      prepare an appropriate Community Health project, in conjunction with the Vice President, for Annual Convention;

·      assist schools with organizing health fairs and projects; and

·      maintain accurate files, information, and supplies to future chair.

The Public Relations Chair shall:

·      work closely with the Executive Board and monitor school activities statewide;

·      make contacts with the medical and news media to promote all workshops, conventions, health projects, and the Annual Convention to assure good attendance;

·      promote to the public, activities of MANS which enhance the image of nursing; and

·      maintain an active MANS webpage

The Legislative Director will:

·      be responsible for attending legislative meetings, i.e. Maryland Nurses’ Association legislative committee meetings;

·      keep all Board Members and the statewide membership informed of all important legislation;

·      send letters to legislators when needed to inform them of Association’s view on a bill;

·      write legislative alerts when needed; and

·      chair the MANS legislative committee.

The Breakthrough to Nursing Director will:

·      Implement the current NSNA Breakthrough to Nursing program in Maryland.

·      Perform such duties as assigned by the president in accordance with the priorities and needs of the association.

The Resolutions Chair will:

·      Submit a resolution on behalf of MANS to the Annual NSNA Convention. This resolution maybe submitted in conjunction with another NSNA member organization.

·      Perform such duties as assigned by the president in accordance with the priorities and needs of the association.

The MNA Student Liaison will:

·      Attend MNA Meetings as determined by MANS President and the MNA Advisor.

·      Keep all Board Members and statewide membership informed of MNA information and events.

·      Perform such duties as assigned by the president in accordance with the priorities and needs of the association.



The offices of the Executive Board of MANS are elected by the House of Delegates at the Annual Convention. This year, elections will be held on Saturday, March 18th, 2017. Candidates can preregister until March 1st, 2017 by completing the application here:


The Nominations & Elections Committee will verify the eligibility of all candidates.

The elections will be decided by votes cast by state delegates. In the case of a tie, the Executive Board will vote collectively, with this vote being cast by the President of MANS. Election results are announced after the End-Note Speaker on the day of convention.

Pre-Slated Candidates whose application is received by the March 1st, 2017 deadline will be permitted to campaign for their position. This includes posting flyers and talking to members at convention.

You may also decide to run as a Floor Candidate. Floor Candidates will register the day of convention, and are not permitted to campaign before the election. Nominations from the floor must be made by a delegate of the Association.

All candidates should prepare a speech, two minutes or less, describing why you want to be a member of the MANS Board of Directors and what you can bring to the position.


Want to get involved on a national level? Consider running for a position on the NSNA Board of Directors! For more information, visit


The House of Delegates is the governing and voting body of the Association. It is composed of delegates from member schools. Delegates are responsible for voting for the new Board of Directors, and voting for any changes to the MANS bylaws. Each school chapter that is a recognized constituency (10 NSNA members in good standing) is entitled to one voting delegate and alternate, and in addition, is entitled to one voting delegate and alternate for every additional 25 members. The school chapter delegate(s) must be a member(s) in good standing in the chapter and is selected and /or elected by the members of the school chapter according to chapter bylaws. Delegates are computed on the basis of the number of members in each constituent as evidenced by the annual dues received by MANS December 31, 2014.