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Why should you get involved with MANS???

MANS is a pre professional organization and having an industry association on your resume says you are committed to your profession and are actively participating in its advancement.


Involvement with us:

  • Creates a community

  • Sets standards for excellence and promotes professional development

  • Network

    • Find Jobs

    • Learn new skills

    • Gain certifications

  • Leverage and Resources to meet the needs of

    • Information

    • Advocacy

    • Public Relations

    • Expanding Opportunities and Professional Development

  • Offers an opportunity for development and connection with others in your field

  • Enhances your business profile

  • We aim to support individuals professionally and aid them in progressing within their career/profession

  • Further a particular profession, the individuals engaged in that profession and the public interest

  • Provides career support and opportunities for students, graduates and people already working

You can view descriptions of our vacant positions here

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