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Thank you for taking the time to visit and Welcome to our page!

I am Javon Turner, Sr. and it is my immense pleasure and honor to serve as the 2023-24 President for the Maryland Association of Nursing Students. Through our programs such as annual convention, community health outreach, and resolutions as well as our partnerships with organizations like Maryland Nurses Association (MNA) and the many other specialty groups it is our hope to prepare students to excel beyond the classroom and after graduation. The MANS executive board consists of four (4) officers and eight (8) directors who serve one-year terms from June to May, and we are all eager to plan relevant and desirable programs throughout the next 12 months. For us as a board, this is a year to 'reMANS'. A year for us to REinvigorate, REbuild, and REignite. We will be focusing on reinvigorating membership and participation through recruitment drives and programming, rebuilding our status and relationships with other professional and specialty organizations, and reigniting our purpose to make a greater impact on nursing students and nursing education statewide. We currently conduct meetings via Zoom, but we will be having 4 of those as in person. We will be looking to you as our members and constituent chapters for ideas, input and feedback at various points. We have many outlets for communication and will be making use of them all! As an NSNA and MANS member you should be receiving our Monthly Check-in or email blast, we are also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to like and follow us. Please interact with us as we post to our media outlets. I am excited to be on this journey with you, not just as MANS President, but as a fellow nursing student anxiously awaiting the day when I pass my NCLE-X and am able to put on the new title of RN!


In closing, I would like to say that bridges symbolize many things. Whether in art, architecture, dreams, or life, we see them as a place of transition. A bridge can take you from one place to another, it can act as a meeting point between people who live in different locations, it symbolizes new beginnings, it is a lifeline, we even use the saying "build a bridge" to refer to the idea of creating unity. Most importantly is the idea that a bridge represents the coming together of people and ideas. It is a place where people from different backgrounds can come together and exchange information and ideas. In this way, a bridge symbolizes both the literal and figurative connections that we all share and it reminds us of our common humanity and the strength of our shared bonds. The one common thread related to a bridge is connection! And you can not have connection without two things touching. So, I encourage you to not let social media be the only way you "connect" with us! Join us for the monthly meetings, attend our community events, and make your way to convention. 


Again Thank You for visiting our page and for your interest in our organization. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me

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